As your wedding officiant, I help you to plan, with any guidance you might need, a ceremony that will reflect the unique relationship you share. In getting to know you and listening to what is important to you, I will provide you with suggested ceremony ideas and an email booklet which includes a suggested order of ceremony and many pages of words and readings from which you can choose to express your love for each other or assist you in putting your feelings into your own words to share with each other.


Fees are structured to accommodate the needs of your special wedding. Date, time, location, rehearsal, or not, and my time to help you to create the ceremony and be there to officiate are all considered.

While there is a typical fee that I suggest, I do like to consider the couple's budget and work with it as I can. Your ceremony will be a unique and collaborative endeavor, with the end result being a ceremony that will delight you and those sharing your wedding day with you: a ceremony you will always remember happily.

Marriage License

After the wedding ceremony , I oversee the signing of the license and submit the signed official license by mail to the office where the license was purchased. Couples sometimes need help with expediting their license for travel purposes, or military requirements rather than wait the ten+ days it normally takes for their license to be recorded. In these cases, the couple can take the completed license to the appropriate office for immediate recording, and purchase the certified copies that they need. The bottom line is that I am here for you in whatever your need might be – it’s my happy responsibility to help you get this job done

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